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10 minute
Our purpose is to forward a paradigm for education that supports a learner's capacity to be

    Here, we offer a curriculum based on a simple developmental model, implemented
    through a simple teaching strategy.  The approach is holistic.  Learning is defined as an
    ecological activity, an active engagement between nature within and nature without.
    School of Natural Learning is a school without walls.  We develop and implement
    curriculum in community settings or in outdoor classrooms.

    Documentation of work in natural and community settings can be found throughout this

    Research shows that when communities provide children with access to nature on a
    daily basis they protect children's health, enhance their ability to learn and build
    foundations for responsible social and environmental behavior.  Research also shows
    that social competency accounts for 75% of the predictors for academic success and
    that arts programming builds social competencies.
Freedom is defined as a
position in space or state of
being from which there is a
maximum degree of choice.

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