"You have noticed that everything an Indian
does is in a circle and that is because the Power
of the World always works in circles, and
everything tries to be round."

     Black Elk of the Oglala Tribe, Sioux
Wykeem, 5
Giavanna, 3
Az'lin 4
Sophie, 3
Zayxa, 4
Flor, 4
Wykeem, 5
Tyler, 5
Aiza, 5
Carima, 4
Paitence, 4
Giavanna, 3
Brandon, 3
Isabella, 5
Mariah, 4
Oswaldo, 5
Brianna, 4
Claribel, 4
Gianni, 4
Megan, 5
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Zayxa, 4
Brianna, 4
Claribel, 4
Gianni, 4
This project is supported in
part by the Pennsylvania
Council on the Arts, a state
agency funded by the
Commonwealth of
Pennsylvania and the
National Endowment for the
Arts, a federal agency.
StoreFront Gallery

Night Sky
Winter Exhibition, 2014
The StoreFront gallery, located in the windows of a former Easton department store, is an
outgrowth of the West Ward Neighborhood Partnership's plan for strategic improvements
to Northampton Street in Easton,  Pennsylvania.  The year round exhibitions of artwork by
children are presented  by Community Services for Children, Inc, and School of Natural
Learning, based on an curriculum developed by School of Natural Learning and
implemented in three Head Start classrooms. The curriculum integrates  multiple domains
of learning - with emphasis on literacy, science, and social learning. Artwork by individual
children is identified by name and age.  Collaborative Art works are identified by classroom.